What is Sandtray Therapy and how does it work?


Sandtray Therapy is a dynamic, expressive process of personal experience in three-dimensional form.  It can be utilized with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families.  Sandtray Therapy should always be done with  a therapist specially trained in this type of therapy; usually a Play Therapist or Certified Sandtray Therapist.

While there is a standard-sized sandtray,  the therapist may utilize trays in various shapes and sizes.  The bottom and sides of the tray will be blue to symbolize sky and/or water, and some therapists may utilize “wet” trays – trays in which the client may actually use water.  The Sandtray Therapist’s office will be equipped with an extensive collection of “miniatures”; objects that will be placed in the tray to represent the client’s world and emotions.

Clients will be invited to create images in the sandtray.  Through the process of creating the tray, and then sharing it with the therapist, clients begin to experience the tray in a way that allows both conscious and unconscious aspects of the client’s psyche to interact.   Meaning begins to emerge for the client, as once hidden dilemmas, fears, trauma, and dreams are accessed.   Sandtray therapy allows the client to experience these now perceptible meanings, while grappling with understanding, learning, revising, and changing of self.

  1. Sandtray Therapy

Sandplay therapy is suitable for children and adults and allows them to safely explore their world using a sandtray and a collection of miniatures. The technique was developed by the Swiss therapist Dora M. Kalff  and Margaret Lowenfeld.

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